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IX Series

The Aiphone IX Series intercom system can be effectively used as an emergency help station for security and communication in various settings, such as campuses, parking lots, public areas, or remote locations.


1. Emergency Call Button: The IX Series intercom stations can be equipped with prominent call buttons that individuals can easily press to request assistance during emergencies or safety concerns.

2. Video and Two-Way Audio Communication: The IX Series supports both audio and video communication, enabling individuals to establish real-time, two-way communication with security personnel or emergency responders. Video capabilities allow visual verification of the situation.

3. Location Identification: The system can be configured to provide precise location information, ensuring that responders can pinpoint the exact location of the emergency call. This is especially important for large or complex facilities.

4. Integration with Alarm Systems: The Aiphone IX Series can be integrated with alarm systems to automatically trigger emergency alerts when the call button is pressed. This integration ensures that security personnel are promptly notified of the emergency.

5. Emergency Call Recording: The system may have call recording capabilities, which document the communication and events related to the emergency. These recordings are valuable for post-incident analysis and investigations.

6. Wireless and Solar-Powered Options: The Aiphone IX Series can be deployed in remote or outdoor locations using wireless and solar-powered options, allowing for installation in areas without traditional power sources.

7. Night Illumination and Signage: For visibility in low-light conditions, the intercom stations can feature night illumination and clear signage, ensuring that individuals can easily locate the emergency help station.

8. Multiple Language Support: Some models of the Aiphone IX Series support communication in multiple languages, making them accessible to a diverse range of users.

9. Integration with Dispatch Centers: Calls from Aiphone IX Series emergency help stations can be routed to a central dispatch center or security office where trained operators can respond to emergencies, dispatch resources, and coordinate the response.

The Aiphone IX Series is a network-based intercom system, which means it can be integrated into existing network infrastructure, making it a versatile and scalable solution for emergency communication.

When implementing the Aiphone IX Series as an emergency help station, it's crucial to work with professionals who can assess the specific requirements of the location, recommend the appropriate system components, and ensure proper installation. Compliance with local regulations and emergency response protocols is essential to ensure the safety and security of the area or facility.