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IXG Series IP Multi-Tenant Video Intercom
Simple. Sophisticated. Security.
The IXG Series provides security you can trust. This simple yet sophisticated way to connect a variety of buildings unlocks the unlimited possibilities for securing any multi-tenant and mixed-use properties.

The Aiphone IXG Series IP Intercom is designed to provide advanced security and communication solutions for multi-tenant buildings, such as apartment complexes, office buildings, and condominiums. This series is part of Aiphone's lineup of network-based intercom systems and offers a range of features to enhance the security, access control, and communication within these types of properties. Here's how the Aiphone IXG Series can be used for security and communication in multi-tenant buildings:

1. Entry Access Control: The Aiphone IXG Series allows for secure and convenient access control. Residents can communicate with visitors at the building's entrance through audio and video intercom stations. Access can be granted or denied remotely, enhancing security.

2. Central Guard Station: Multi-tenant buildings often have central guard or concierge stations. The IXG Series provides intercom stations at these locations, allowing staff to manage visitor access, communicate with residents, and monitor common areas.

3. Video Identification: Video intercom stations in the IXG Series provide visual identification of visitors, allowing residents or security personnel to see who is at the entrance before granting access. This enhances security by preventing unauthorized entry.

4. Door Release Function: The system can integrate with electric door release mechanisms, enabling the remote unlocking of doors and gates for authorized visitors. This is a convenient feature for residents and a security enhancement.

5. Apartment-to-Apartment Communication: The IXG Series offers communication between residents living in different units within the building, making it easy for neighbors to connect with one another or for residents to call each other for various purposes.

6. Emergency Call Stations: The intercom system can include emergency call stations or panic buttons that residents or staff can use to request immediate assistance during emergencies, such as medical incidents or security concerns.

7. Visitor Management: Aiphone's IXG Series allows for visitor log management, where details and images of visitors can be recorded for security purposes.

8. Integration with Access Control: The system can be integrated with access control systems, allowing residents to use key cards, access codes, or other credentials to enter the building.

9. Remote Access: Residents and authorized personnel can use mobile devices or remote applications to answer calls and grant access, even when they are not on-site. This feature enhances convenience and security.

10. Video Surveillance Integration: The intercom system can be integrated with existing video surveillance cameras to provide a comprehensive view of the property and common areas.

The Aiphone IXG Series is a powerful IP-based intercom solution designed for multi-tenant buildings. It offers scalability, allowing you to add more units as needed, making it suitable for buildings of various sizes. Proper installation and training for staff and residents are essential to ensure the effective use of the system. Compliance with local regulations and security standards is also crucial to maintain the safety and security of the building.